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Sanrio Dream Party Figures

I'm feeling a little better, and am slowly returning to the world of the living. In the meantime I got a couple of packages in the mail, and I thought I'd take some pictures of them for your viewing amusement.

Sanrio Dream Party Figures are between two and three inches tall and are incredibly detailed little dioramas of Sanrio Characters in cute situations. I just picked up a set on Yahoo Japan and you can click here to see them, if you'd like. They're freaking adorable.

Incidentally, I feel like a bit of a Flickr loser--I signed up for an account some time ago and only have one friend! If you do happen to have an account, would you friend me?


I just friended you. I'm academybeldam over there.
I actually do not have a flickr account. But those things sure are cute.
So adorable!

How can something so detailed be only 2-3 inches tall?  It blows my mind ._.
Whoa, big layout change o.o