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bunnydoll's Journal

Moley Molington
30 December 1976
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Who am I?

Formerly waruguchi and about ten thousand names before then. In the past it used to be fandom disgust that made me change my name; now, it's sort of just a habit. Maybe I'll stick with this one.

What's a Mouldywarp?

An archaic word for a mole (the animal kind). I have a great fondness for moles. They're small, brown, and they have poor eyesight. Plus, I just love the sound of the word. If there were a mole Harry Potter universe, I'm certain that the bad guy would be named Mouldywarp. XD

What do you do for a living/for fun?

I'm a content editor for a major publisher and a lecturer in economics at a large state college. I like both of my jobs quite a lot, although as you can imagine I'm generally overworked (so if you decide to read this LJ you'll find quite a few lapses in frequent posting). Besides editing textbooks and writing content, I'm also working on a textbook. I do keep busy!

For fun I write, do tons of crafts (crocheting and papercraft), collect dolls (Blythe and Petite Blythe only) and Re-Ment miniatures, read manga (anything by Hiroshi Takahashi, One Piece, Slam Dunk, Cromartie High School), try to improve my Japanese and listen to music (Shounan no Kaze, Suiren, Fantastic Plastic Machine).

What do you use LJ for?

Getting opinions, getting to know a wide variety of people, reading communities.

What's your friending policy?

I'm always actively looking for new friends, so if I sound interesting, friend me and I'll do the same. :)

My Wish List

I wish every friend of mine would post a wish list, because just about the only thing I like as much as buying things for me is buying things for my friends. You can find my wish list here.

My Collection

Collecting is definitely a big part of my life. Below I've listed my Blythe (with a heavy emphasis on Petites) collection as well as my Re-Ment collection (full sets only). I'll put up pics for Blythes and replace the Re-Ment links below to pics of my actual dolls/miniatures soon.

Neo Blythe

Mod Molly
Tailor Gibson
Enchanted Petal
Save the Animals
Cloud 9 Bowl
Feel the Sky
Prima Dolly Aubrey

Petite Blythe

Alps Letter
Coco Meringue
Feel the Sky
Itsy Bitsy Bug
Tea for Two
Tsuki no Usagi

Re-Ment (Full Sets Only)

Beloved Chocolate
Fairyland Sweets
Full of Fruits
High-Spirited Bentou Contest
Hungry Animal Village
Luxury Sweets
Our Long-Ago Elementary School Days
Petite Donuts
Petite Mom & Pop Sweet Shop
Select Gifts
Welcome to Ichigo-chan's House

Petite Showcase

* On their way. :)