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Dogs or Bees or Dogs with Bees in Their Mouths

I really am fond of my shampoo and my conditioner. But one of them is seriously attracting bees. I got stung last week on the back of the head, and there were several pollination attempts this morning.


If I were a bee I would definitely want to smell jasmine-scented hair up close and personal. My bet's on the shampoo.

...I used to have a jasmine icon but I think it was on some other journal.
I can say without a drop of conceit that whenever someone asks "what smells so good in here?" the answer is nearly always "me/my hair." It's fabulous shampoo. Apparently even bees agree!

(Now I have kind of a cute mental image of a bee sudsing up his, er, fuzz in a bathtub.)
Actually I probably should have just left out the "if I were a bee" part, because jasmine is yum. Now, if I actually had any hair to speak of (it's buzzed again!) then I'd be sorely tempted to buy that stuff.
I am very jealous of anyone who can wear their hair really short and look awesome. I had very short hair only once in my life, but i was about 30-40 pounds lighter then. :) Don't you get cold in the winter, though? It seems like my head would freeze!
I have to dress warmer in order to not freeze, and always wear hats outside. This is problematic because I tend to be cold all the time as it is. -.- But love the buzz. Especially when it's short enough that it doesn't look funny when I get up in the morning. ;)
A link for j00! I haz one!


Best stuff evar.

Both Hana and I use their stuff.
Uh oh. That doesn't sound fun at all. I think I'd run far far away. hehe
Where's that wishlist, woman?!