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Late Birfday

I'm a day late with this (as with everything lately), but I wanted to extend a very fond Happy Birthday to prillalar, one of the most talented writers I've ever met online--and also the author of one of the most singularly out-and-out hot fics I've ever read. Hope it was a great one, and I'm glad to have met you. :)


Thank you so much! You make me blush. :)

And that must have been the Jar Jar story, right?
...Is there really a Jar Jar story? Because I might have to cry a little. XD;
So... which one is the especially hot one? XD
That would be "Summer Thing," the HP fic (and I NEVER usually read HP fic). I found it at the end of a long search for decent Weasley twins fic (I seriously cannot stand the characterization in 99% of them, how on earth do people get them so wrong?!) and ran across that one, and--yeah. Go her. XD