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I'll Show Ye...

(The subject line reminds me that I have to make an icon of that post-haste.)

Really, really sorry that I haven't updated in, well, a week. I don't have a major excuse for it, and actually interesting things have been happening that I suppose I should talk about, but I'm just so busy with the start of the semester that I haven't had a second to reflect, and I just feel kind of...jumbled. I am reading what all of you are writing, though.

I have to go see the doctor today--the bad doctor. I'm hoping it's my last visit to him. I also have to have an MRI on Friday, which some people tell me is the worst thing ever and some people tell me is really not so bad. Any opinions on that?


If you're klaustrophobic, it will probably be very unpleasant, if not, it's not that bad, really :) And if you're lucky, maybe you get some really cool 3D pictures of yourself afterwards, how's that for an idea for the next christmas card? ;) Good luck, I hate bad doctors too, met one last week, and I'll never going back to him again.
There you are! I was a little worried. ^^;; I can't remember if the number I have for you in my phone is the right one or not, though. XD

MRIs are not bad. The worst part is just laying there... I just had a very naughty analogy that I almost told you, but it would probably make you giggle at the wrong time. XD
I also owe you a hundred thousand snuggles because my apartment manager just today got around to telling me I had a package...and guess what it was. ^_____^ I am going to take SO MANY PICTURES, and they are a 100 times more darling in person even than they were online. *loves you*

...And daww, this icon is darlingly appropriate for this comment. XD
Hee hee! I'm so glad they made it safely. *lovelove* I definitely give big props to Valley of the Dolls. They shipped really fast! And as you may have seen, I have been eyeing Pullips now. ~_~ Hash is so cute. >_<;;

I have never had to have an MRI. Hubby has, and he says there's nothing too it. Just relax and enjoy the ride, as he says. (Easy for him to say, right?)

Good luck!